Spanish Cycling Holiday Escapes

Sally's Journey -Cycling and my love of Spain

I have cycled on and off throughout my life, taking it as a serious hobby when I found myself needing a new interest about ten years ago. I initially cycled with a London based cycle group, cycling regularly on a Sunday,  enjoying the challenge of becoming fitter and more proficient in my new hobby. Through conversations with fellow cyclists I quickly learnt that there were lots of challenges for the cyclist ready to push themselves. The first of these to take my interest was to cycle Lands’ End to John o Groats (LEJOG) 2012, quickly followed by coast to coast USA 2013. 

After these two long tours I decided I wanted to move away from long tours and focus a little more on on days rides. So I joined a new club (Richmond Park Rouleurs). This led me to enter number of sportives, (timed day rides) of various distances, many of these abroad, fulfilling my other great passion, travel. Two of my longest rides of this type have been the Mallorca 312 (312 kilometres in fourteen hours) and Chase the Sun (207 miles ridden from sunrise to sunset), going back for second time round with both.

However my love of touring had not left me, pushing me in 2017 to cycling coast to coast USA for a second time and end to end New Zealand. 

Some may ask, (and do) why??

I believe my motivation has come from the realisation that I can do it!!! That I have the endurance (stubbornness) that allows me to push myself in ways that maybe others will not. For me there is nothing more exhilarating than setting a goal and achieving it. 

This hobby came to me relatively late in life, but not too late to enjoy the pleasure of achieving something with just power of my body (and a bike). A fabulous feeling!!!!  

My latest challenge has come through the wish to harness what I have learnt from cycling and travel and set up ‘Sally’s Spanish Holiday Escapes’. This is my latest adventure. 

This project allows me to share with others my experience of cycling and travel and has also reignited my love of Spain and the Spanish language from earlier years. 

Setting up my business I quickly recognised the need to learn Spanish to a proficient level and embarked on classes where I met many other learners and teachers of the language who share my passion for Spain. 

This led me to the other strand of my project. Language breaks for fellow learners based in the village of Vélez Blanco, giving guests the opportunity to immerse  themselves in the language and culture of Spain.

My hope is that some of what I have done will inspire others  to follow their passion. Which in my case has allowed me to share the opportunity to cycle in the fabulous Spanish countryside and experience authentic Spanish language and culture.

I look forward to you joining me in your adventure in Spain.