Sally’s Spanish Holiday Escapes has put in place a number of precautions (listed below) to ensure the safety of our guests and staff against the risk of COVID19.

  • We confirm that we are currently and will continue to be up to date with all recommendations and restrictions put in place by the Spanish government related to COVID19
  • We confirm that we adhere to all local, national or international recommendations related to COVID 19
  • We now require all our guests to confirm in writing, two days before arrival and on the day of arrival a number of points (listed below), related to COVID infection.      1.That guests have not experienced any COVID related symptoms in the fourteen days prior to arrival.                                                                                                             2.That guests have not been tested positive for COVID19 in the fourteen days prior to arrival.                                                                                                                                    3.That guests have not been contacted by the tracing authorities as at risk of infection in the fourteen days prior to arrival.
  • We advise the we may restrict the number of guest in ‘Sally’s House’ depending on current goverment advice and known infection risk. Local hotel alternatives may be available
  • We also ask that all guests maintain social distancing whenever possible (in line with government recommendations), use hygiene precautions regularly (hand washing, hand sanitizer), particularly at meal times and when using the kitchen or bathrooms
  • We will ensure that the communal areas are thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis and at other times as and when necessary
  • Failure by guests to comply with the above could result in their full or part holiday booking being terminated at the guests own cost